LES Community Hero: Paul Garrin

May 21, 2015By adminBlog

On Tuesday, May 5th, we honored our local heroes at University Settlement for our second annual LES Community Heroes Awards. Though each hero’s inspiration spans cultures, causes, and generations, we asked a select few to share their stories in introduction of each hero. We will be posting those speeches here. Risa Shoup, Executive Director of FABnyc, had the honor to … Read More

Cross-Cultural Stories of the LES

May 21, 2015By adminBlog

By HARMONY BARKER “You don’t look Chinese. Why do you work here?” I work at the Museum of Chinese in America (located at 215 Centre Street just north of Canal Street) and that question, while not a daily occurrence, is something I get asked a lot. People see a blonde girl who makes Casper look tan sitting … Read More

Celebrating LGBTQ Latinas in Loisaida

May 20, 2015By adminBlog

Arnaldo M. Cruz-Malavé, the director of the Latin American and Latino Studies Institute at Fordham University, tells us about Loisaida’s celebration of LGBTQ Latin@s as part of Loisaida Fest, this upcoming Memorial Day weekend! Loisaida Inc Celebrates the Contribution of LGBTQ Latin@s with a Cabaret where some of New York City’s most legendary queer Latin@ performance artists … Read More

LES Heroines: Frances Goldin

May 19, 2015By adminBlog

When you think about LES Heroines, Frances Goldin immediately comes to mind. Frances was born in 1924 into a working-class, Russian-Ukrainian Jewish family in Queens. While growing up, her family faced intense anti-Semitism, and they were often ostracized by the neighborhood’s merchant-class Jews because, as Goldin recalls, ‘my father went to work in overalls’. Her exposure to racism at an … Read More